Con Manias – Chairman

The FCT Group of Companies has a focus of being the world’s leading flame and combustion experts. We have a passion for design and engineering expertise in flame technology and this can be seen in our work with the major sporting events around the world, in particular the Olympic Games. FCT Flames has been involved in every Olympic Games since Sydney 2000. That is over 15 years’ experience in torch relays, torch design and manufacture and working with some of the most creative entertainment experts in the world.

I can honestly say that the work of FCT Flames is watched by billions of people which makes me proud.

David Retallack – CEO

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer with extensive industrial experience in combustion and high temperature processes, David Retallack entered the realm of Olympic Torches and Cauldrons in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Working with the world’s leading opening ceremony designers since 2000 including Australians Rick Birch and David Atkins, David interprets the artist’s intent in terms of the look, feel and emotional impact of the flame and then manages the design, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of these spectacular flame effects.

Mark Ryan – Business Development

Mark comes from a management consultant and defence background. An expert in high impact leadership and business growth, he has joined the FCT Flames team as the General Manager of Business Development. FCT Flames is the leading supplier of flames to sporting events and is looking to apply its expertise in areas outside of sport. The next growth area for FCT Flames might be in the construction and operation of large fountain and flame exhibitions similar to those at Bellagio in Las Vegas and the fountains in Dubai.